We at put all our efforts in maintain a height level of privacy of the customers and we have set a strict guidelines for protecting the privacy of the frequent visitors and esteemed customers of the website. We are protected with robust privacy policy and all the services of our website apply the privacy policy strictly while dealing with the customers online. Through the privacy policy of the company you can learn how to operate with the business customers.

All the information and details about health supplements are shared with the customers after thorough research and verification of the details. The website guide its customers to make the right selection and purchase of health supplement and also provide assistance and suggestions to the customers what is suitable for their needs. Privacy policy of the company is the catalyst to provide the visitors of the website with the information regarding the way we care, protect and secure the privacy of our customers. The company respect the privacy of all the visitors and customers and ensure that all the information shared on the website will be kept protected from illegal access of third party.

The Type of Information We Collect Online

All the information that you share with us on our website is kept confidential and secret for the safety and privacy of the details. The details are collected through online medium while making an order, subscribing for newsletter or for access any offer on health supplement online.

The information that is not crucial, but requested by the website will be marked as optional on the website. There are cookies that we use on our website to enhance the user experience and to collect information about the visits of our customers.

How Information Collected is Used?

The information or details collected online through our business website is used to enhance the overall experience of the customers with our company. We at Fayette County Health Department ensure that all our customers receive the best class services from the team of professionals and the information collected through our website is used only for good experience, but not for any illegal and misuse. The information collected will be protected and kept confidential and no information of customers will be shared with any third party or organization. Fayette County Health Department value the significance of the information collected online and hence we ensure not to leak or disclose any of the information to other company or unauthorized individual.

The information is used so as to respond to the request of the customers and visitors promptly. The information is also used to sole the queries and doubts of the customers and visitors. It helps the team of professionals at the company to emphasize and implement proper channel of communication with the customers and develop a long term relationship. The data collected online help us at Fayette County Health Department to enhance the browsing experience of the customers.

Protection of Information

We at Fayette County Health Department put all our efforts in keeping the information and details of our customers protected and safe. We have a robust data protection system which keeps the data collected online safe and protected from illegal usage. Our website is designed with robust security features which restrict the access of unauthorised users and all the database is kept confidential and protected from misuse.

Our website is designed with modern technology and all the data collected online is kept secret and protected. The technology is updated regularly to enhance the browsing experience of the users and to keep the information protected. The team of professionals implements robust security features to protect the details of your esteemed customers and frequent visitors.

Changes in Privacy Policies

We at Fayette County Health Department has all the rights to make amendment in the privacy policy of the company with or without prior intimation to our customers and hence it is necessary that all our users must keep themselves updated with the privacy policy and read them once prior to using the services of the website. We keep on updating the policies regularly and to stay updated with the privacy policies keep reading the privacy policy prior to using the services and browsing the website.

Children user the age of 18 years are prohibited from using the services offered by the website of Fayette County Health Department.